I am excited to join the Salomon National US team in 2019 after almost 2 years as an ambassador. I am proud to be part of a brand that makes exceptional gear for mountain athletes and cultivates a passion for pushing limits but having fun while doing so.

Sufferfest Beer Co.

I have been a fan of Sufferfest Beer since they launched in 2016 and love they way they celebrate the local endurance athlete community, foster sustainability and set a shining example of the power of woman owned business. Their beer also rocks!

Gu Energy Labs

2019 is my second year with the support of Gu Energy Labs for my pre, post and during race nutrition needs. I love that they are a local company with such a strong passion for what they do as well as being a steward for our environment.

Squirrels Nut Butter

I am excited to join the Squirrels Nut Butter Elite team in 2019. I love this product and my nickname in HS was squirrely so it seems like a no brainer

Mt. Tam Sport and Spine

I have been working with Hal to stay healthy for several years, so it is super cool to have his support for my 2019 season. Having a sports chiro in my corner who I can trust is really invaluable to my training and racing.

inside tracker

2019 will be my second year as an InsideTracker athlete and I am so grateful for their support. They have helped me stay on track with key biomarkers and even saved my goal race in 2018 by identifying an issue and providing guidance on how best to course correct