Some Lessons From my First Ultra Race

I will post a full race report later but for now I will share some trail porn and some quick lessons.  1. Training for a new distance is important. If you don't train you can'tcomplain about how slowly you went or how much your legs hurt.

2. When they say the last 7 miles are downhill they are lying. There will be several little hills and flat will still feel awful. This principle does not apply in the opposite direction. 3 miles of climbing means more than 3 miles of climbing.  3. The extra 5k of that 55k is as bad as you think it is. In fact it's probably worse. 

4. Potatoes with salt, pickles and watermelon are the best foods in the world. 

5. Having 4 friends and your husband drive for way too many hours and hike many miles just to see you a couple times over the course of 7 hours is probably the most amazing part of running 34 miles. That and having two masseuses wash your feet and rub you down for free at the end.

6. Sea level paces don't mean shit at 7,000 feet. Additionally, road paces don't apply to trails.