A Love Story


Anyone who has been in a truly long-term relationship will tell you that there is a honeymoon phase where everything is exciting and new and easy. Unfortunately, this level of enthusiasm and single-mindedness is not sustainable and eventually, an equilibrium establishes itself. There is crying and shouting and frustration, yet we keep working at it because every so often, we are rewarded with those special moments that make all the hard work worth it and renew our devotion. These moments come in many forms, but the trick is to always be looking for them and to never take them for granted. Sometimes it is something as small as seeing a species of majestic bird at a low point in a run; a subtle reminder to put your own suffering aside and look outside yourself.  Other times, it hits you like a tonne of bricks in the form of a soul quenching sunrise that quite literally takes your breath away as you crest a hill. That bird won't always be there, and next week the view will probably be covered in a thick cloud of fog, but the promise of moments like these is what keeps me coming back.

RunningAmy LeedhamComment