Gear Review: Julbo Access Sunglasses


Fun fact: I have a tiny head and on my tiny head is a tiny face. This means trucker hats make me look like a conehead and sunglasses make me look like a praying mantis. Wearing both together is a terrifying prospect (yes I googled 'conehead praying mantis', no there aren't any good images). Living in California is great, but all the sun means I have needed good running sunglasses for over 4 years and I finally decided to stop procrastinating and ask the facebook world for recomendations. Surely I am no the first person to require running sunglasses that fit a small face. After many responses (thanks facebook world!) and some reading, I decided on the Julbo Access sunglasses. Since I didn't know if I would love them, I bought a discounted pair from for $40 (50% off). Also, I hate pink and the only option at Julbo are pink. The zebra lenses were recommended but I decided not to spend the extra money this time around. I wore the sunglasses for a couple short (6 miles or so) runs and they felt pretty comfortable so I decided to break the rules and wear them for the Boston marathon last week since it was super sunny. I was a little concerned about comfort since I had never worn them for more than 45 minutes or so, but I barely felt them on marathon Monday. I ended up wearing them for around 4 hours probably when all was said and done. There was no nose pinch and yet they didn't move at all while running. In fact, until i saw the pictures I forgot I was wearing sunglasses for the race.

All in all, I would recommend these sunglasses for women who want a super light and comfortable pair of sunglasses for running, hiking or other adventuring. Even at full price ($80) they are still totally reasonable for the performance they provide. I haven't tested durability yet since I've only had them for a few weeks, but like everything, as long as I take care of them I expect them to last. And in case I fall on my face, they have a lifetime warranty.


Lens: Spectron 3 (polycarbonate)

Frame Measurements: [lens/bridge/temple] 61 / 14 / 118 mm

Weight: 26g

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