Sending my Discipline and Willpower on a Week Long Vacation


In a complete antithesis to last week, I find myself in super chill mode all this week. I woke up Monday morning not feeling 100% so I decided to stay home from work and rest to try to avoid getting full blown sick. I think it worked, but it set me up mentally for the entire week. Its also PMS week for me which means I am low energy and high food craving (yes these are real symptoms, no I am not bursting into tears on an hourly basis, but seriously don't fuck with my chocolate). Additionally, my coach has been giving me a weekly focus to help me stay present with my training. This week's focus is a down week to recover from a solid 2 week block; basically giving me permission to relax for a week. The combination of these three factors sent my willpower and discipline on vacation; not just a quick drive to LA either, they are on a full-blown romantic holiday at a spa retreat in Hawaii.  I know my body and my brain need this down time in order to optimize the training process, but I have found myself feeling guilty for not being my usual rigorous self. By letting down my guard, I have found it hard not to give in to food cravings (chocolate!!) and sleep cravings (more, more, more!). I also think that by indulging these cravings, I am making the cravings stronger. However, instead of feeling guilty and weak, I have decided that allowing my brain and body to chill out and get a little squiggy for a week is the best thing I can do for myself at this point in the training schedule. The body is pretty smart, and while the lessons I have learned from Matt Fitzgerald's book "How Bad Do You want It?" show that the body certainly can lie to you, sometimes its important to listen to it. Don't get me wrong, I am still getting my runs in and have used the extra down time to focus on extra strength / PT work this week, but allowing myself the freedom to move things around and eat/ drink those extra treats is a welcome and necessary break to an otherwise rigorous process.

Much like an over-worked executive, an over-worked discipline will start making bad decisions that will probably lead to injury. In order to avoid a complete breakdown, willpower needs a break every once in a while. I feel confident that my discipline and willpower will come back from their vacation feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next challenge and I am looking forward to getting back in gear next week. In the mean time who wants to eat wings and drink beer with me??