Back on The Horse and Boston Training Weeks 10 and 11 (I Think) Re-Cap


What a week. Somehow I managed to survive deadline week at work and still get in all planned 53 miles of running this week. Now that it is all said and done I feel pretty good, but man was it was a bumpy week. Despite a tough mon-fri this week, the weekend was amazing and kicked off a new month in the best way possible. Saturday, I decided to get my run in early before PT and luckily I have some amazing friends who were game to join me on a "trail" run in the Presidio. Funnily enough, I have barely run in the Presidio and had no idea where I was going. Some runners might get annoyed by the continual asking of "should we go left or right", but I have some amazing people in my life and they all decided to make it an adventure. The run quickly turned into "hey let's go to Baker Beach" followed by "YOU GUYS, ITS THE OCEAN!!" followed by "hey, you think we can find those hands I have seen in pictures?" (we did). 2015-02-28 10.03.25

We discovered a couple of us had never run across the Golden Gate Bridge so hey... why not tick that off the list too? We ended the run along the flat Crissy Field and deep in conversation a fellow lady beast and I didn't realize we had picked up the pace and left the boys in the dust. Basically, it was the perfect way to follow up a super shitty run and I am so thankful that I have such awesome people to pull me back up when i need it most. So thank you!

2015-02-28 09.41.48

Week 10

Monday: Had the day off so ran to pilates and then ran to get some dim sum and then ran home. Nice! 8.3 Miles

Tuesday: Track Attack 2 mile warmup 6 x800 @ 6:03 / mile 2 mile cool down. Had a friend for this one so got in some much needed girl talk.

Wednesday: Off - sick... developing a cough :(

Thursday: 2 mile warm up 6 mile tempo @ 6:35 2 mile cool down. The last mile of that tempo was really tough but felt pretty good about powering through

Friday: Recovery Runch.. my first lunch run was awesome! 6 ish easy miles with a big ass hill to break up that lactic acid.

Saturday: 10 Mile trail run with a big focus on downhill training. Wanted to trash the quads to prep for Boston... achieved!

Sunday: Easy 6 Miler in the Presidio with a bunch of good peeps. Went out dancing and had girl pillow talk until 3:30 so was super tired. oops.

Total: 47.4 Miles 

Week 11 (deadline Week at work)

Monday: Big time rest.

Tuesday: 2 mile warm up, 6 x 1 mlie @ 6:12 avg 2 mile cool down, holy shit I'm tired

Wednesday: Another recovery runch. I am hooked! 6.5 miles

Thursday: Long ass work day, rest

Friday: very early tempo run.. kind of failed. 2 mile warm up, 5 miles at 6:50 avg, 1 mile cool down. Felt absolutely terrible

Saturday: Deadline over!! YAYYY 9.8 miles @ 8:10

Sunday: 18 Miles @ 7:14. felt amazing... miles 13-16 felt the best. Followed by ice bath, foam rolling and restorative yoga for the win.

Total: 54.7 Miles

I am definitely starting to feel beat up a little so this week is all about recovery and repair. I went to restorative yoga tonight, I have PT tomorrow am and I have booked a massage on Tuesday. I am replacing the track workout this week with  my 90 minute indoor cycling ass kicking at shift which gets my cardio and strength in without the stress on my joints. We are heading into the peak training weeks here and overall I am feeling pretty good.