Boston Weeks 8 and 9 Training Re-Cap

Holy Shitsnacks I am actually halfway through the 18 week training program for Boston 2015!! I have a lot to catch up on because my in-laws have been here for 2 weeks so I haven't been on top of things like posting.

I have to be honest, I was pretty scared about the Kaiser Half Marathon Milestone since that was when all my problems started last year but I am super pumped to report that I felt great the week after Kaiser. Even though I limited myself  to only 4 running days a week was still able to get in some good speed workouts and long runs.  Last week I added back in that 5th day and increased mileage to make it over 40 miles for the week. It was also the first week I had 2 running speed workouts and a long run. I was also battling a cold last week but thanks to the herbs I got from my fabulous acupuncturist Jen, I only missed one day of running and was pretty much back to normal within 3 days. Everyone else I know who got this thing was sidelined for weeks. So thanks Jen!

Week 8

Monday: Rest! Legs tired but not too sore from Kaiser. Foam roll and PT exercises

Tuesday: Easy 6 miler. Loosed up every mile. Felt great! Foam roll and PT exercises.

Wednesday: November Project plus a couple extra miles for good measure.

Thursday:  OFF

Friday: Attempted 8.5 mile progression run but it was craazy windy so ended up just kinda fast. Core & PT

Saturday: Off (drinking my bodyweight in wine with my in-laws)

Sunday: Long run: 15.5 miles @ 7:30 avg.

Total: 35 Miles

Week 9: 

Monday: A very sloth-like 5 mile recovery run. Sciatic nerve was baaad. Also had a Mega reformer class at Bodyrok and PT at Presidio Sport & Medicine.

Tuesday: Woke up with a cold. Took the day off :(

Wednesday: Lunchtime Yoga. PM Track workout: 2 mile warmup, strength ladder (400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 1200) w mile cool down. Hit my target speeds on all intervals (6:05 - 6:10 mm pace)!

Thursday: 6 Easy in the am.  3.3 miles @ Barry's bootcamp PM - got too excited about sprinting on a treadmill.

Friday: NP Race Day! Tired legs from the week but managed a 6:12 mm 4k for second lady finisher (by 4 seconds) got the competition in me firing!

Saturday: Bike Ride.10 miles of what was supposed to be a 13 mile loop with my lover. Got a flat. Honestly contemplated running barefoot to the car before realizing my hubby could bike there much faster.

Sunday: Late night Long run.. 14 miles with 4 tempo in the middle. Kinda hard at 8 pm but at least the Jasmine was out!

Total: 44.5 Miles

My workouts have been pushed around the past couple weeks to accommodate things like recovery from a half marathon, sickness, NP races and plans with the in-laws so I am really looking forward to getting back into my groove.

I am also really thankful that I am not trying to run though 7 feet of snow. Love you Boston!

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