Boston Training Week 5 & Pacifica 10k Trail Race Re-cap


5 Down 13 to Go I am really glad its Monday and the start of a new week. New Week = clean slate in my book and boy do I feel like I need a clean slate after last week. Overall I really can't complain about last week. It certainly could have been a lot worse but I didn't hit my mileage goal, I didn't make it to yoga or PT and I have been fighting off the death plague flu that seems to be everywhere in the Bay Area. I did get in an awesome indoor cycling class with my friend Danielle on Tuesday morning which kicked my ass (as usual) and I did get to do our November Project San Francisco bounce at the start line of the Pacifica 10K on Saturday morning, but otherwise I felt pretty lousy all week. To top it off, my right hip, which has given me trouble in the past, started hurting after Monday's maintenance run so that's another strike against the training week.


6 Miles @ 8:18 mm


90 Minutes indoor cycling @ Shift SF


6.5 miles @ 7:29 mm


6.5 miles in SF @ 7:43 mm, 1.5 miles @ 7:43 mm at Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp


Glorious Rest


1 Mile Warm up, 5.8 Mile race, 2 mile coold own


6.5 miles very slow with the pooch on the trails

Pacifica 10K Trail Race Re-Cap

2015-01-17 08.48.06

The one high point of the week was Saturday. It was awesome. I, along with about 10 of my friends from November Project, were running the 10k at Inside Trail Racing's Pacifica Foothill Trail Run. We had 4 runners in the half marathon and one crazy lad in the 30k. It's pretty fun to show up with a crew of 15+ at a race that has about 300 people total, especially when your crew wheres bright neon, cheers for everybody and does a loud cheer at the start line. As for the race itself, It was beautiful...and hard. I had not prepared for this race at all. My approach was that it would be the replacement for my weekly tempo run so I didn't look at the course information or elevation chart at all. In the end, I think that was a mistake. If I had I would have know there was an up, then a down, then a really long up and then lots of down. I would have known that it was in fact only 5.8 miles and not 6.1. Why does knowing these things matter you ask? Well if I had known that after I made it up the giant beast hill that I had no more uphill I would have pushed harder on both the uphill and the downhill. Because of the long downhill before the finish, I finished feeling like I still had quite a bit of gas in the tank, which is a really unsatisfying way to end a race. In the end, I came in 9th overall, placed 1st out of the ladies and set a new course record, so I can't really complain, but I wish I had given it a little bit more. We also had a 2nd place finish in the half marathon, a 2nd place finish in the 10k and a 1st place and new course record inn the 30K, so I'd say it was a pretty successful day.

NP at Pacifica

After the race, we all went to brunch and a couple of us dipped our legs into the ocean for a quick ice bath.

2015-01-17 13.24.11

For the record, if you are thinking about doing a trail race, I highly recommend Inside Trail Racing. They are small yet very competitive races with amazing food and snacks afterwards - think hot pancakes, cheesecake and corn dogs. Everyone is super nice and it is run mostly by volunteers.

This week I am focusing on all the ancillary work I managed to leave out last week: I've got 2 yoga classes scheduled as well as PT and this is the first week above 40 miles so I know I need to start foam rolling more consistently.