Notes From A Convert: Advice for Finisher's Tunnel Newbies


Until about a year ago I would normally have described myself as a skeptic, a pessimist and definitely not the sort of person who would ever join or enjoy something like a finisher's tunnel. This morning, however, I experienced what will certainly be the best part of my day at around 7:15 am when I held my arms up in the air for about 10 minutes as my fellow tribe members ran past in various forms of victory. Maybe 3 years of California sunshine has faded my black east coast roots, but I think my change in attitude has more to do with an injection of neon into my life. The finisher's tunnel is cheesy. It just is. But that doesn't mean its not awesome as well. For those of you who are not familiar, the only thing required for a finisher's tunnel is two people facing each other making a tunnel with their raised arms for their friend to run, walk, crawl or dance through as they complete some amazing achievement (like getting out of bed ass early to run around with 200 of their closest friends). If you have to ask why would I want to be part of a finisher's tunnel just watch the video below for an immersive experience of what it feels like inside a finisher's tunnel.

There's no specific formula for generating the perfect tunnel, but I've done the research and here are a few pointers.

1. Pairing up with a friend of similar height is important. Notice how tall guy on the left has un-selfishly stepped aside to let the shorter ladies create a more even rib of the tunnel.

finisher's tunnel 1 2. You can do a finisher's tunnel pretty much anywhere, like on the beach while squatting.

finisher's tunnel 5

3. Finisher's tunnels can be short.

finisher's tunnel 7

4. Finisher's tunnels can be really long and add a couple extra minutes to your workout.

finisher's tunnel 4

5. Its ok to carry things in your mouth so you can film running through the finisher's tunnel.

finisher's tunnel 8

6. Its also ok to wear masks and costumes, just try not to creep out your fellow tunnel mates.

finisher's tunnel 11

7. Sometimes its necessary to give the tunnel a little more space to allow for a spontaneous dance party.

finisher's tunnel 9

8. Finisher's tunnels can be in the middle of a race on a giant hill and still be freaking awesome.

finisher's tunnel 10

9. No matter what you do, you will never, ever look as good as this going through a finisher's tunnel, but that's ok.

finisher's tunnel 3

10. Finally, some people may be confused their first time like they were in August of 2013 when the finisher's tunnel started at November Project San Francisco (note the guy in the foreground enthusiastically giving a high ten, just not as part of the tunnel - or the girls standing off to the side not participating - clearly they don't get it). The important thing is just to start doing them and you will figure the rest out. first finisher's tunnel